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1: Have the house spotless, clean your heart out, do not just put stuff away in the closet (or store things in the oven or the dishwasher) and then barely close that door, everything that can be opened will be opened by buyers (built ins, kitchen cabinets etc) and should be as good looking inside as outside
3: Take care of the little things that were on the Honey Do list forever, fix that kitchen cabinet door hinge, cover that outlet, caulk the toilet, clean the windows and blinds, look behind doors, ceiling corners. People will pay more for a house that makes a very groomed and maintained impression
3: Stow everything away neatly, have nothing laying around , kids rooms as tidy as possible, no paperwork of any kind on the desk in the open (account info, SSNs, mortgage info…), safely put away prescription drugs and jewelry (do not tempt…)
4: Mow the lawns, remove dead flowers, roll up the garden hose, have falling leaves removed etc etc.
5: Do not put up anything scenting, no potpourri, scented candles etc etc, air the house out and maybe put a dryer sheet in the dryer but nothing artificial. Your scent taste might make others nauseous and people think you are covering something up. Smell is our strongest sense and if people smell something in the house they do not like they might subconsciously dislike it and don’t even know why.

6: if you have anything that really does not go with the rest of the furniture (a pillow you love but that should not be seen, a blanket that is cozy but not really that perfect anymore, kids stuff that does not belong in the living room), stow it away. Have things in the rooms where they belong, kids stuff in kids room, work stuff in office or on a desk…. do not water down a room’s purpose by assigning addtl uses to it
7: in the summer, do not heat the house unless it is getting really chilly (and then rather have a fire going for ambience), lots of people are bringing in warmth, buyers should be able to walk around without removing their coat. In the winter heat up to about 65 degrees, not more.
8: carefully look for dead bugs in window sills etc, cob webs in corners/ceiling, lamps
9: have all lamps in working order, check all bulbs, have all light on when people start coming
10: pets should not be home, take the dog out, crate the cat
11: be out on time. When your agent arrives, you should already be gone, it is awkward, when people arrive early and you are scrambling to get the kids out and try to catch the cat.
12: I do not advice to bake cookies or have snacks out. People are not coming to your house to eat and tracking brownie crumbs on the light carpet is a nightmare. So store food away.