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What to expect from your Real Estate Agent

• Your agent needs to be swift!
Sending you updates on houses that would work for you when they are coming to the market can be automated, but that does not replace the work of somebody actually knowing what you are looking for, alarming you when it comes to the market and enable you to be the one who sees it first. Corvallis is in some segments not a buyer’s market anymore. We are seeing multiple offers again. Being fast can be crucial.
• Your agent needs to have good contacts!
You will most likely need financing, insurance, maybe a contractor, a good inspector…. Knowing the few really good individuals in each of these trades and more and being able to give you choices from the best ones is a huge advantage.
• Your agent should be a good negotiator!
Creating win-win situations without confrontation is a skill that will work in your favor. Ask your potential agent how they negotiate, what results are most important to them and how they usually achieve them.
• Your agent should be reachable!
It is annoying when you always have to leave a message, hardly ever get a timely reply and things are constantly delayed. A good agent answers the phone and tells you clearly under which circumstances they do not, taking the guesswork out. If an agent always turns off their phone during a client contact then you know why you cannot reach them that very moment and can rely on them calling back asap.
• Don’t take somebody because it is a friend or family!
As with my advice for sellers for this, friend- or kinship is not a qualification. You will deeply regret a wrong choice and resent that person in the future, losing the opportunity of buying well AND the connection to this person.