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About Me

I have a vast knowledge of real estate and a love for Corvallis that will benefit any buyer or seller. Feel free to give me call with your real estate needs.
My husband and I immigrated from Germany in 2000. We lived in upstate NY until our move in 2008 to Corvallis. I have been in Real Estate literally all my life, my parents ran a sizeable development and property management company in Germany and I “grew up” on construction sites. Real Estate has always been my one professional love. This is not a job, it is a passion and because it is my passion I am good at it.
We chose Corvallis after traveling extensively over the course of two years, guided by the suggestions from¬†www.findyourspot.com. Try it out, it’s great fun! And when your profile tells you to see Corvallis call me and I will give you the grand¬†tour. I am sure you will fall in love as we did.