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About Corvallis

Corvallis, Oregon is a micro cosmos. Great things do come in small packages and Corvallis has so much to offer. The unlimited growth and real estate development that made so many cities go over the edge has not happened here. Yes, we do have some new developments but not to an extend that swamps the market. As a result, Corvallis has experienced comparably small losses and very little short sale and foreclosure activity.

But let’s start where it would start for YOU when you decide to move here:

Corvallis, OR has a beautiful, compact and intact downtown. Specialty stores on tree-lined streets offer everything from custom framing to clothes, from books to jewelry, from shoes to art, from lighting to biking…. and so much more. Read also my column “Love to live here” in our lifestyle magazine www.willametteliving.com, Dec 2011 issue.

We have hardly any big box stores, if you want those, Albany across the Willamette has them (nearly) all… therefore our specialty stores can survive.

Are you a foodie? Corvallis is perfect for you! Our year round Farmer’s Market offers so much local produce and products. Our Co-Op will cater to all your organic, local and special diet needs. Market of Choice has enormous choices from all over the world, in fact we even found a beer from a micro brewery in Düsseldorf, the town in Germany we lived at before we immigrated! Trader Joes, Safeway… they are here.

And then there are those stores that put the dot on the “i”:

Italian Deli, anyone?: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Natalia-Cristoforos-Italian-Deli/69592109650

Coffees and Teas in astonishing variety and with great service and knowledge?http://www.orlegacycoffee.com/

Great Bread (even for German “bread snobs”):http://www.bigriverrest.com/big-river-breads/

Heavenly French Pastry: http://www.lepatissier.net/

Great Fish: http://www.yelp.com/biz/harry-and-annettes-fresh-fish-corvallis

I could go on and on….

So now you know how great our food choices are, how about something a bit less light: education.

Our schools have great report cards!  Excellent public schools and a great variety of private schools are giving you lots of options for the so very important education of your children.  There is a Chinese language school, The Elementary Strings Program, the Corvallis Youth Symphony…. the choices are GALORE! All sorts of sports, from tennis to fencing, from soccer to ballet, Corvallis offers it.

OSU, Oregon State University, supports and offers a lot of sport, academic and intellectual programs for children as young as 8, the TAG (talented and gifted) program, the international student programs and lots more.

Oregon State University also plays another major role in our town. Over 25000 students help making it worthwhile to offer services that otherwise would not find the amount of customers needed to survive.  For instance our amazing amounts of all kinds or restaurants. Want to have a great sandwich or dine out in style? It is all covered! Japanese, Thai, Fish, Hawaiian, French, Italian, Asian Fusion, Mexican, you name it. 

So when you are visiting, don’t miss the beautiful campus and enjoy the surrounding, tree-lined, historic neighborhoods.

Are you looking for recreational opportunities? Hiking, biking and running are a joy in the OSU forests, well maintained path cross through them for miles and miles, try them out when walking your dog and have an outing with your loved ones! I already mentioned sports, I have yet to know one you cannot do here one way or the other.  Swimming is great at http://www.ci.corvallis.or.us/index.php?option=content&task=view&id=559&Itemid=501, where they also offer the Swim America Program, perfect for children and adults to learn to swim!

The Pacific Beaches are only 50min away, skiing at Hoodoo (1:45 hrs) and Willamette Pass (2hrs) is great.

So choose Corvallis, OR! And when you come, give me a call!